Rooted by Science


We believe that everyone should have access to the cannabis plant in a safe, cost effective, and convenient way.  Most importantly we feel exceptional customer service, education, and effectiveness of our products in vital.


Our Story

Founded in 2024 by Michael Slosar and Kyle Pope, GumGum Tree™ was created by the bond forged several years prior between our founders.  In 2019, Mr. Slosar and Mr. Pope met in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market as they worked with growers, processors, and dispensaries.    As time passed, they both found common interests in what the plant can do, and that following the factual science was something several brands were not focused on.  Often products are not strong enough or combined with the proper cannabinoids or terpenes to truly become effective in symptom relief or remission.   

 Mr. Slosar was hyper-focused to find alternative medicines to help his wife with several un-curable autoimmune diseases and prevent her from relying on pharmaceuticals.  Even though Mr. Slosar’s wife was a career healthcare professional, she saw zero hope in the prescription medications doctors wanted her to get addicted to.  In 2020, Mr. Slosar started explaining his frustrations with Mr. Pope on how some cannabis products were helping, and some were not.  This started the discussion around the science behind the plant, and Mr. Pope’s story.

 Mr. Pope’s personal experiences of opioid addiction because of a chain reaction that started when he injured his back in Desert Storm (USMC) which led to a ruptured disc and a tear in his spinal cord.  Quickly Mr. Pope was prescribed a shocking amount of opioid’s which included 150mg of Fentanyl per hour, 180mg of Oxycodone per day, Neurontin, and 3 additional drugs to deal with the side effects.  With no end in sight and his quality of life rapidly declining Mr. Pope embraced the cannabis plant.  His decades long entrepreneurial success in the plant and being a pioneer in photomorphogenesis led him to grow some of the most potent flower to date yielding a Delta-9 THCA of 46.8%.  Ultimately Mr. Pope was noticed throughout the industry and was featured on Canna Cribs Deep Roots Season 1 Episode 3.  Today, Mr. Pope no longer takes opioids and manages his injuries strictly with the plant.

 The longer Mr. Slosar and Mr. Pope communicated it was clear that if they put their talents together, they could make better products for the public.  This concept started the brainchild in 2023 of what would become GumGum Tree™.  The focus of GumGum Tree™ is to evolve the gummy market with functional gummies derived from the highest quality flowers, cannabinoids, and terpenes.  After years of vetting and wading through the winding roads of the cannabis industry this brainchild came to life.  GumGum Tree™ works with some of the highest caliber growers, processors, and manufacturers on custom formulas for both THC and CBD products, which started out with gummies and is growing into total body and health care.

 Mr. Slosar and Mr. Pope are committed to following the science to develop the THC and CBD products that are needed by the public ensuring everyone gets to experience that one moment when they realize that the plant fixed them, or at a minimum promotes a better quality of life than pharmaceuticals.